RoToTo Roll Up Beanie | Ivory

RoToTo Roll Up Beanie | Ivory

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Everyone assumes that modern socks are just blasted out by hosiery robots somewhere humid with cheap labor. The truth is that knitting machines are complicated, and required highly skilled labor to run; and that there is a wide spectrum of these machines in use out there.

RoToTo works with factories around the Nara Prefecture and Goryocho village. Sock making began there over 100 years ago with a single machine brought home from the USA. Every one of their socks are careful balance between yarns, machines, and craftspeople. Even the most state-of-the art machines require operators who understands the nuances of the product being made.

RoToTo also makes high quality knit accessories. Made in thick-knit 100% Cotton, this Roll-Up Beanie is a fall/winter staple in the perfect weight and feel for Bay Area weather. 

  • 100% Cotton
  • One size fits all 
  • Wash cold, hang dry
  • Made in Nara Prefecture, Japan