Nomad Noe' MUSE Candle | Wyoming

Nomad Noe' MUSE Candle | Wyoming

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We love that every Nomad Noe' candle tells a story! 

The spectacular beauty and wilderness of Wyoming is a reminder that humans are part of the natural world, rather than it's masters. Among the first inhabitants of the land, the Shoshone embodied this belief and revered Mother Nature, only taking from her what was strictly needed. She, in return, provided sustainably and inspired entire societies.

MUSE in Wyoming celebrates this balance and her reverence. Canyons overlooking the baie rose as it sits hand-in-hand with magnolia blossoms. Wild rosa woodsii awakens the senses while the warm and milky sandalwood calms the mind. Balance obtained through respect, peace, and moderation.


Journey back to the source. A reminder that we belong to nature; it does not belong to us.

Smells like: wild rose bushes, fresh fields, fertile cedar, sunshine.
Benefits: Grounding. Restorative.

Baie Rose, Peony, Tangerine, Magnolia

Wild Rose, Iris, Cedarwood

Musk, Lily, Amber, Sandalwood


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