Nomad Noe' PIONEER Candle | Tasmania

Nomad Noe' PIONEER Candle | Tasmania

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We love that every Nomad Noe' candle tells a story!

James Holman

1786 - 1857

The essence of a PIONEER in Tasmania. An intrepid explorer with no regard for limitations or borders, James became the first blind person to circumnavigate the globe. Without any sense of sight, James learned to feel his way around the world, perceiving the seas and lands he connected through his other senses. Beloved by people everywhere, his achievements and fearlessness became virtues of inspiration for those he met.

Inhale the crisp sea air of Tasmania. Taste the salt-glistened breeze as it dances off the coast with warm coconuts that lay between untouched fields of prickly roses and the resinous cypress. Perhaps a long journey has ended yet the magic of another is inkling to begin. Consider the new horizon and set your course for it.

Smells like: untouched beaches in the late morning sun. Sea salt, coconut, and a hint of laurel.
Benefits: Cleanses the senses. Creativity booster.

Sea salt, Angelica, Coconut

Rose, Bay laurel, Ylang-ylang

Incense, Musk, Tonka bean

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