Nomad Noe' HERO Candle | Niani

Nomad Noe' HERO Candle | Niani

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We love that every Nomad Noe' Candle tells a story!

Mansa Qu (14th century)

The essence of a HERO in Niani. Mansa Qu, king of the Malian empire when it spanned among the most fruitful and prosperous in Western Africa, abdicated the comforts of his throne to pursue a relentless desire for worldly exploration and self-discovery. Challenging the limits of the oceans, it is said by some that our HERO connected Africa to the Americas long before European explorers made the expedition.

Sit alongside Mansa Qu under the warmth of amber and sweet patchouli as his beloved capital of Niani celebrates their former king in his send off. Platters of fresh rosemary and cardamom nestle the city square as fields of tonka beans overlook the uncharted horizon. A HERO enblazened in the hearts of all, not for what he has, but for what he gives up in pursuit of discovery.

Smells like: creamy vanilla, toasted tonka beans, a sweet yet subtle tasty delight. 
Benefits: Elevation. Purposeful awakening. 

Bergamot, Rosemary, Cardamom

Vanilla, Benzoin, Cinnamon

Tonka Beans, Amber, Patchouli

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