Nomad Noe' POET Candle | Hangzhou

Nomad Noe' POET Candle | Hangzhou

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We love that every Nomad Noe' Candle tells a story!

Qiu Jin

1875 - 1907

The essence of a POET in Hangzhou. A valiant hero driven by a thirst for knowledge, Qiu Jin defies prevailing societal norms by leaving her home, unbinding her feet, and pursuing an education abroad in Japan. Upon her return, Qiu Jin serves as a revolutionary in support of the liberation of Chinese women, embedding a lasting legacy into the consciousness of her people.

Ruminate on a path of delicate gardenia and unwavering bamboo, as the mysteries of Hangzhou unfold between ancient temples and night-blooming tuberose. Walk alongside its placid lakes as they bring into focus a reflection of what is in this very moment, and of what can be.

Smells like: a lake of white flowers.  Sweet jasmine, creamy tuberose, and gardenias.  
Benefits: Calms the soul. Compassion booster.

Gardenia, Bamboo



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